We offer different Services depending on your needs! Toyota Hybrid Sedans, Maxi Taxi, Wheelchair Accessible Vehicle and Parcel delivery,


Tired of small cars and ‘meh’ service? Say hello to 13cabs, Australia’s largest cab fleet with over 10,000 cars on the road. need a private ride at an affordable price? This one’s for you.

MAXI TAXI – Group Travel

From that ‘No-Particular-Reason-Tuesday-Night-Party’ to a family vacation, our MAXI TAXI’s are your go-to when you’re travelling with a big crew. They can fit up to 10 passengers!

Parcel Delivery

Need a thing – we mean ANYTHING – delivered? 13cabs will get your parcel delivered anywhere you want at no additional costs. We deliver on demand 24/7 so if it’s urgent our fleet is ready for you.

Airport Transfers

Arriving late for a flight can be a massive pain…not if you pre-book your trip by heading to the ‘Book Now‘ section. If you’ve just landed (TIRED!), save the hassle of walking to the rideshare zone and head straight to the cab rank to catch your 13cabs. Sorted!

Wheelchair Accessible Vehicles

Need to take your wheels for a ride? 13cabs believes that everyone has the right to a safe and comfortable ride, and that includes Passengers with disabilities. Our Drivers are trained to get you there.