Maxi Taxi

Best suited for a crowd. Whether you’re headed to the party or to a local restaurant, MAXI TAXI are the way to go.

Up to 11 Passengers.

The more the merrier!

Fits You and Your Luggage

Life is too short to pack light- take that extra bag!

Comfortable and Modern

Clean, Comfy and Cool- what more could you want?


How many people with luggage can a MAXI take?
For international travel, no more than six people plus luggage will fit into a MAXI. That said, multiple vehicles can be booked if required.
Does the fare differ depending on passenger number?
Our fares remain the same, no matter how many you bring along for the ride! However, some states may have additional charges for booking a MAXI vehicle.
Will the Driver load, unload our luggage?
All 13cabs Drivers are trained to help Passengers with their luggage and mobility, no matter the vehicle.

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